Halloween Make Up 2014

Halloween gets closer every hour! I am literally counting the hours till I can wear my current costume and go out with my friends - hehe. So, today I want to show you how to get the perfect 'Out of the Grave' glow for your Halloween Make Up!
No panic, it's way more easy than it looks like, in truth it's just a lot of eye shadow and really dark lipstick. But here is my step by step plan to go creepy:

1. Start with your normal Make Up routine, so primer, foundation, concealer, everything like on any other day. But then, take the lightest powder you can get, mine is from Shiseido and it's so old, it isn't even sold anymore, so really try to find another light one! Next step, apply your everyday blush, for not looking too 'dead' at the first sight, but of course we want it spooky, so I used normal black glittering eye shadow all over my cheeks! This really gives you this fresh 'Out of the Grave' - look. 
2. The eyes are very important, they need to be darker than ever! So, at first I used my favorite primer (stays for hours, maybe also days… the perfect eye shadow look) and than I just started with one of the darkest colors on my palette. Just apply it all over the lid, really, you can now live out all your dreams about smoky eyes combined and on top of each other. In the end, I applied the sparkling one, because, well, I just love everything with glitter. One tip: if you use blue or even navy eye shadow, the effect will be even stronger! Don't forget to apply it under your eyes too, get it as smoky as possible. When it comes to eyeliner & mascara, don't even think about saving something there! 
3. The lips are the easiest thing here, try to find you darkest lipstick and finish everything with the darkest gloss (or do not, I've heard from these magic humans who don't like the feeling of gloss on their lips...). Don't forget about the red painted fingernails and quite simply you are done! 
The best thing with this make up is, that it doesn´t need to be perfect, you can totally paint a little bit over your eyelids, smudge your lips and everything else, because that’s exactly what we want: the perfect 'Out of the Grave' Look! 

(Sorry, I am really into these little four words...)
See you soon for even more #CoutureDepartmentgoesSpooky!